"DEATH NOTE" is making its way to the small screen.
22 Apr 2015 - 6:12 PM  UPDATED 27 May 2015 - 2:44 PM


The cast members for the TV drama adaptation of the hugely popular manga DEATH NOTE have just been released!

For this drama adaptation, the protagonist "Yagami Light" will be played by Kubota Masataka, while "L," the detective that confronts Light, will be played by Yamazaki Kento, and "N (Near)" which is the character to appear in the live-action adaptation for the first time, will be played by Yuki Mio.


IN EARLIER NEWS (22/04/15): 

DEATH NOTE is getting a TV drama adaptation!

We’ve already seen DEATH NOTE play out as a live-action before now in a two-part movie and as a musical.

Now it’s going to be a TV series and it’s tipped to include character “N”.

It’s come a long way and gained many fans since its original manga and subsequent anime series. But there's so many questions left to answer. 

Will this adaptation be the one that finally writes the DEATH NOTE franchise into a suspicious looking book, signalling the end of its prosperity? Will it lead to an increase in apple sales due to renewed Shinigami cosplaying? Will there be any actor able to so perfectly capture the essence of the character as Kenichi Matsuyama did?!

All questions should be answered by the time it reaches NTV in July. But before all those questions are answered, let's have fun writing down the names (NOT in suspicious notebooks) of people that we think should be in the TV series. 

Who do you think should play your favourite characters from DEATH NOTE?