Following U-Kiss, Hyuna and JYJ, Dalshabet was to be the latest group to be banned from broadcast by Korea's largest media company KBS. But the ban has now been lifted... why?
22 Apr 2015 - 2:04 PM  UPDATED 22 Apr 2015 - 2:10 PM

Korea's largest broadcaster KBS had decided to pull Dalshabet's "Joker" from its broadcast schedule for certain sexual references in the lyrical content; specifically the repition of the word "Joker"

This had a lot of international fans confused - what's wrong with the word "Joker"? 

Apparently, in Korean, “Joker” is written as “조커” and pronounced “Joh-kuh” 

The phrase sounds similar to a swear word in Korean when emphasis is placed in the word “Joh” (as Dalshabet do in their song).  The word “좆” (pronounced “jot”) which is similar to the word “조” (pronounced “joh”) - a crude term that refers to male private parts.  

To add to that effect, the word “커” pronounced “kuh” means BIG. 

I'm sure you see what's going on here...

Happy Face Entertainment decided to modify the track so it cleared KBS broadcast standards, changing the lines,

“Hey Mr Joker, why are you shaking me up” to “Hey Mr Joker, you are a bad boy,” “I want it” to “I love you,” and “I am out of breath, baby good night” to “Come a little closer, baby tonight.” 

Dalshabet are now ready to make their comeback stage performance on Music Bank on April 24.

Source: OSENKoreaboo