Xia Junsu has taken to twitter to criticise the MC at a recent concert of his!
24 Apr 2015 - 12:17 PM  UPDATED 24 Apr 2015 - 12:33 PM

JYJ’s Xia Junsu has taken to twitter to publically renounce MC Park Sang Do’s rude behaviour at a recent concert of his at the Goyang International Flower Expo.  

After Xia Junsu performed at the opening ceremony of the event, MC Park Sang Do stepped into to make a few uneasy remarks,

He said, “Should we call him back again? If you can’t come back and sing more, at least say goodbye.” After realising Junsu has left the venue, he continued, “Did he really leave? Even though there’s still time left? Even though there’s three congressmen who are still waiting to say their congratulations? Wow, the Hallyu wave is really scary,” and “I guess next year, if we have a bigger budget, Junsu will sing three songs.” 

Xia retaliated via his personal Twitter account, tweeting “I’m not sure who the MC was… But I think, at least, you should have some manners. Putting age aside, it was very rude to myself and the fans…”

In another tweet, he continued, “Everyone, I know something hurtful happened but let’s get over it ~ More than anything, I had an opportunity to perform on a stage like that for the first time in a really long time. Also in my hometown, which made me very happy and proud. It was scheduled so suddenly but thank you so much for coming out, even if it was short! Good night everyone.”

Before Jusnu’s performance he had told the audience how much the show meant to him. He said, “In grew up in the city of Goyang. I’m happy that I’ve been invited to such a meaningful event. My dad encouraged me to be here as well.”

C-JeS Entertainment has since released a follow up statement in support of Junsu, “In regards to Junsu’s tweet for the MC at the Goyang Flower Exhibition, it was a comment he made after the MC had made many insults toward Junsu’s loyal fans who had been waiting for him. Junsu just wanted to express his opinion about the matter. 

SNS is a place where people can express their thoughts, therefore Junsu had no intention of steering the situation to one side, so please understand. Junsu never asks for a large sum of money as a performance fee when he’s performing as a spokesperson.”

Xia perfomed this song "Loving You Keeps Me alive" at the event from his musical Dracula. 

Source: Soompi