On 'Revenge of the Sith' Day, we celebrate the bad guys and gals from anime!
6 May 2015 - 5:07 PM  UPDATED 6 May 2015 - 7:28 PM

In honour of it being Revenge of the Sith Day (if May the 4th is the day for Jedis, then the 5th and 6th are for the dark side of the force), I've put together my top 8 favourite bad guys and gals from anime. 

Just like the Sith, they're not really bad, they're... misrepresented and misunderstood!

9. Cornelia from "Code Geass"

A strong lady with devoted followers, I see nothing wrong with that. I mean, YES, she does basically try to kill Lelouch and squash the resistance which is a mark against her…. But at least she’s upfront about what she wants. You’ve got to admire that sort of honesty.

8. Sebastian from "Black Butler"

What is any list of mine worth, without mentioning Sebastian?  It's not worth it's salt, that's for sure.

Whether live-action or 2D version (though I am partial to the 2D version), there’s no denying Sebastian is a bad guy. He’s a demon that’s going to devour a kid’s soul. For all his good points, he’s quite the evil fellow…..On the other hand, he is one HELL of a butler.

7. The entire Drule empire in "Voltron"

The dubbed version we received of Voltron, apparently did not follow the same storyline as the one they saw in Japan. In the English version, people went to ‘sleep’ and all of the Drule ships that blew up were manned by ‘robots’. The Japanese version was very different.

But what remains the same is that the Drule were just trying to find a way to survive and every time they found a planet, they’d get attacked. EVERY TIME. Besides all that you have to admire their commitment and perserverance…..

Also, Jeff is super annoying, so I am immediately inclined to go for anyone who fights with him.

6. Suigintou from "Rozen Maiden"

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the creepiest in the N-field of them all?

Suigintou is. Still, she's determined and despite her flaws is still confidant in her ability!


5. Freeza from "Dragon Ball"

If nothing else, Freeza is iconic.

For the sake of keeping spoilers away (for those trying to get into Dragon Ball, before the new series starts) let’s just say that research into Freeza indicates that this baddie is one of the best, at being the worst!


4. Koro Sensei from "Assassination Classroom"


Yes, he is. But he’s also threatening to blow up the Earth…..On the flip side, he’s voiced by Nino from Arashi and he’s a great teacher.  As an added bonus, his name is a pun. A PUN!


3. Migi from "Parasyte"

Migi ate someone’s arm, doesn’t understand humans looking after one another and is ultimately not totally against plotting against the human race...  On the other hand (GET IT!)....Migi might be my spirit animal.

2. Reiko Tamura from Parasyte

Another parasite, but much more ambitious, intelligent and able to adapt to what’s going on around her. This lady is deadly and intense. 

But none of them really compare to the creepiness and down right evil that is.....

1. Sunako Kirishiki from "Shiki" 

A cute girl, with a dark secret… I don't want to spoil anything for you, but she's sort of incredibly evil. I like that in a character.

There are so many more bad guys and gals in Japanese pop culture, not just anime but dramas as well.

Who are your favourite baddies?