JJCC's management has taken a strong stance against the harassment of Australian/Chinese member Prince Mak, threatening to take legal action.
21 May 2015 - 1:56 PM  UPDATED 21 May 2015 - 2:51 PM

JJCC's management, headed by Jackie Chan has taken a strong stance against one fan's harassment of Australian/Chinese member Prince Mak, threatening to take legal action.

The netizen in question is reportedly spamming hateful messages, harassing other fans and posting pictures of the group with Prince Mak pixelated out. 

JJCC's management took to their facebook page to respond. They posted,

"Hello Keys, 

I am staff of JJCC and I'm sorry to come up with this once again but we gave warnings and told you to please stop. I told you that we have to protect our artists and told you not to fight with the fans. First you need to know that you were against our fancafe rules so you were blocked. In our fancafe rules you could read there that you are not suppose to fight with fans and we even say you will be kicked out without warning. But we gave you a chance and Eddy posted not to fight and you faught again. 

Second we gave you one more chance and before time went by it was happening again.
Last like screencaps below calling fans crap, blurring JJCC member's picture, saying something that isnt true, always be against with other fans. Sending complaining message to JJCC member bothering them. We gave you our final warning and statement and what you are doing is not correct. If this keeps going on next step will be the lawsuit. We've reported your things to facebook already and they are organizing stuff. We are going to do our best to protect our JJCC members. This is our final statement and we wont be saying about this anymore on our official page. 

And sorry for all of our fellow Keys going through this stuff."


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