HAPPY 7th anniversary SHINee. We take a look back through your catalogue of hilarious moments... in gifs.
25 May 2015 - 3:26 PM  UPDATED 25 May 2015 - 3:39 PM

Shawols celebrate their second most important birthday today (behind their own... although today might be #1 for some diehards) SHINee's 7th anniversary!

To celebrate, SBS PopAsia hosts Jamaica & Andy put together SHINee's top 7 gif-worthy moments from their music videos to date...

ANDY: This one’s from their debut MV Replay…I like to call it the “Window Wiper.”

JAMAICA: Nice. Here’s Jonghyun popping bubbles with a little girl. 

ANDY: Awwww. This one’s the only SHINee dance move I can do, let’s gif that.

JAMAICA: Keeping with the pointy-finger theme... check out Key's but-wiggle-finger-point combo!

ANDY: Onew - What's that you say lettuce? 

JAMAICA: Taemin singing into a bunny…

ANDY: SHINee saying hi to a girl and fainting at the same time…

JAMAICA: Aww, I can’t believe that’s seven gifs already!

ANDY: We could do this all day.

JAMAICA: Happy seventh anniversary SHINee, may you have seven more to come! 

Bonus gif: Minho's arms in their latest MV release "View"... *swoon*