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Peter Hyun builds a track from scratch for you guys... LIVE! With his Team One Sound producer mate Young Sky.
5 Jun 2015 - 8:45 AM  UPDATED 5 Jun 2015 - 8:45 AM

Music maker and K-pop producer to the stars is back this week, inviting his Team One Sound producer mate Young Sky in the K-pop studio to weave some special magic for you...

EPISODE HIGHLIGHT: Music 101: Making a song from scratch

  • Peter builds the track – Makes the beat, chord progression, melody (no words, just mumbling)

Korean music scene vs Australian music scene

  • More rock influences in Australian scene. In Korea, more pop and dance – entertainers

How much input does an artist have on a song?

  • Some artists just come up with an idea, eg. Donghae with his idea for Super Junior’s ‘Shirt’ song; while others like to be involved in the whole process, eg. G.na’s upcoming song

Who would Team One Sound like to work with next... find out!

First studio guest: ONE WAY Young Sky (on a short break from military duties)

  • Young Sky gets deep about what music means to him – misses the studio
  • Young Sky (along with Peter) loves sneakers + Star Wars + he expresses his thoughts about the new films about to be released by Disney
  • Young Sky’s advice to those who want to do music

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