Secret's management TS Entertainment were forced to make a a public statement about members Sunhwa & Hana.
3 Jun 2015 - 5:11 PM  UPDATED 3 Jun 2015 - 5:14 PM

TS Entertainment has come forward to deny there is a rift between Secret members Han Sunhwa and Jung Hana after recent posts on SunHwa's Twitter sparked rumours the two girls might be fighting.  

The agency stated, “Han Sunhwa and Jung Hana don’t have any problems with each other. That’s why we didn’t think this was serious. The rumours of discord don’t make sense at all. We read what she had posted. I think she did so because she was upset. If this was a problematic post, we would’ve asked her to delete it.”

TS Entertainment continued, “There are only four members [in the group]. They all get along well. We would’ve done something after shooting [Yaman TV] or after she posted it if we thought there was going to be a problem. We didn’t do anything because [Sunhwa and Hana's] relationship isn’t something like that.”

Rumours that the two were unhappy with each other began after member Secret's Hana appeared on Mnet’s “Yaman TV” on June 1 and discussed the drinking habits of the members of the group. She said on the show, “When she [Sunhwa] drinks, she has a lot of complaints against the world.”

Sunhwa responded on twitter with, “Three years ago, [the Secret members] all drank together once or twice because of the atmosphere amongst our members. At the time, I talked about how upset I was about my ‘blank paper’ (airheaded) image, but I guess [Hana] took that as having a lot of complaints against the world.”

Shortly after, Sunhwa tweeted again, “Actually, we drank only one time together.”

This caused fans to worry that there was discord between the girls. 

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