EXO's Tao is in hot water with fans over his attendance at a brand endorsement event rather than supporting the group's repackage album release activities.
4 Jun 2015 - 12:24 PM  UPDATED 4 Jun 2015 - 12:27 PM

EXO's Tao recently attended an event for a brand endorsement on June 3rd, the same day that EXO's repackaged album "Love Me Right" was released. 

Tao is the brand ambassador for the Chinese mobile game Chao Shen Zhan Dui, and was requested to attend the press conference in Beijing, China on June 3. 10 fans were also selected to attend the conference to see Tao.

Some netizens have critiscised Tao for his neglecting EXO in favour of his own individual activities. Here are some of the comments from Netizenbuzz:

1. EXO should just take this opportunity to cut the members down to the Korean 8

2. I remember seeing EXO's logo during Taemin's debut videos so you can tell that EXO a project that was planned out over the course of a very long term that the company worked really hard to come up with an entire world concept for. Tao's name was left out of the official homepage's member tags, I think it's pretty much confirmed that he's out. They should kick Lay out while they're at it too... I know that he's getting perks from individual activities that aren't transparent to the rest of us.

3. I wonder if he's even acting like this after deleting that post he made about Kris on Instagram after he leave. So embarrassing, really.

4. At least the other Chinese members who left are popular, what is this kid banking on? He's literally only receiving attention for being an EXO member. He's not handsome or talented in anything on his own. Laughable, really

5. Worse than Wu Yifan!!!!!!

6. Fans also need to get over themselves. Tao will announce whether he's leaving EXO when Tao is ready. A lot is probably going on behind the scenes in terms of negotiating with SME or whatever. Do they expect him to give a blow by blow accounting of every decision being made? Just wait until an official statement is given.

Source: TV Report