Zico targets idol rappers or "fake rappers" in his latest diss track. Check it out...
8 Jun 2015 - 12:41 PM  UPDATED 8 Jun 2015 - 12:42 PM

Block B’s Zico has dropped a diss track targeting fellow idols called “My Team”. Zico hits hard at “fake rappers” and warns of the dangers of trying to ride his & Jay Park's coat tails. 

Check out the track & lyrics below:

I’ve become a useful reference to artist development teams.

They upload mixtapes, say they write songs and media play with my name.
If they want to make it #zico it like the coconut water
There’s so much fake rappers put together with manuals now ya know what I mean

Every dumb thing around calls me a rival when I’m having a hard time dealing with my self
How dare you try to get on my level y’all started with a golden spoon in your mouth F*** that
When Jay Park and I were shattering prejudice you guys were all hiding in a corner now you try to freeload this ride

If you’re going to start cussing and pretend your big start from the bottom
Here take this and get yourself some treats I’m so big and tough if they see me with you they’ll think I’m bullying you
Get ya own dog ya heard
Styles I designed keep comin out like fashion show when your stages are over celebs are going to look at me and make some noise!

Lyrics translated by Koreaboo