KBS is up to its old tricks again...
17 Jun 2015 - 2:33 PM  UPDATED 17 Jun 2015 - 2:46 PM

KBS (Korea's largest broadcaster) has banned two more new tracks from broadcast, AOA's "Chocolate" and SEVENTEEN's "Ah Yeah". 

AOA’s track “Chocolate” from their forthcoming 3rd mini-album Heart Attack was deemed unfit for broadcast for the use of profanity and abusive language while SEVENTEEN's track "Ah Yeah" was banned for use of product names. 

Other tracks banned include: Pippi Band‘s “Robot Ganadaramabasa”, Verbal Jint & Sanchez‘s “Hate”, EVO‘s “Today & Tomorrow,” Mashup‘s “Struggle,” Soundbox‘s “Music Is My Everything,” Geonadeul‘s “Fantasy Namiseom Island” and PATiENTS‘ “Hybrid Future”.

There hasn't been any confirmation as to whether the songs will be altered. 

AOA is making a comeback on June 22nd while SEVENTEEN is currently promoting their debut track “Adore U.”

Here is AOA's latest teaser...