It's Nino from Arashi's birthday and we're celebrating with hamburger cupcakes!
17 Jun 2015 - 5:54 PM  UPDATED 17 Jun 2015 - 7:05 PM

We’ve all got our bias (or in some cases, bias’ because life should be like Ouran High….).

The best part about a bias, other than their perfection at being human, is the ability to share in their celebrations even if they don’t know you exist (yet).

Today is Nino from Arashi’s birthday.

And I’ve heard he likes hamburgers.

Could I have just MADE a burger with a candle on top and said “Happy Birthday Nino”? Yes. But I’m a difficult person.

Here’s how I did it:

1. Make things complicated

Decide that you want to overly complicate your expression of admiration by doing something much more difficult than just tweeting a Happy Birthday message. Why?

Because Grell is your heart's spirit animal.

2. Find the thing you’re least good at and do that.

In my case, it’s baking cupcakes. I can bake some stuff, but desserts are not my speciality and cupcakes are my special weakness. 

3. Find a vanilla cupcake recipe.

There are loads of cupcake recipes out there. 

Mine is usually 1 cup of flour, half a cup of soy milk, 1 banana, 4 tablespoons of butter, 1 tsp of vanilla extract (which translates to ‘1 and a half because I like vanilla’) 1/4 a cup of sugar and a tsp of baking powder.

4. Make batter and then spoon half of it into the cupcake tin.

You mix your wet ingredients, then dry ingredients, then mix both together. I like to yell "I AM SCIENCING" at this point, to make things more interesting. 

Spoon about half of the vanilla mixture into the cupcake tins, before adding some cocoa to the rest of the mixture (around one tablespoon should do it). Then spoon your now 'chocolate' mixture into the the rest of the cupcake tins.

Mine cooked at around 190 C for 15 minutes. But keep an eye on them.

Use a toothpick to see if theyr’e done, but don’t go straight in the top because this will be the top of the 'bun'. Once they're done, leave them to cool and....


5. Realise you've never made icing before.

This is the moment when you freak out.

I’m really not very good with icing, so I used half a cup of icing with a tablespoon or two of soy milk. Mixed it up with some yellow food dye and then to thicken, used arrowroot powder and a little agar agar. 

I don’t think that’s the way you’re meant to make icing.

For the lettuce, I found a handy hint on the Internet that said use green dye with coconut flakes. It worked really well! 

6. Realise your first batch are a disaster that you cannot fix. 

Remake them and then marvel at the glorious creation that is your second batch. Actually call someone to tell them how amazing this second batch is. Be disappointed when they're not as excited as you.


7. It has layers!

Once you have both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes ready, it's time to 'layer' them. I used the middle part of the chocolate cupcakes as the patties. 

Use a fork instead of the piping thing you have to distribute the icing. This way you'll get yellow icing over all the things you don't want it to go over.

Keep using a combination of forks and spoons until you start crying. Then using the piping thing.

8. Tweet picture

Do this while covered in flour, in a messy kitchen and mourning the fact that you will never on any cooking shows, except the ones where they laugh at how bad you are at cooking.

Still, I’m pretty pleased with my efforts and there’s always the chance Nino will see the cupcakes and come and visit me to thank me for the effort. Then we'll get married!




What's the best thing you've ever made for your bias? 

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