We have a special guest for the next month at SBS PopAsia HQ, Miss World Vietnam Australia, Natalie Tran! Get to know her...
1 Jul 2015 - 5:04 PM  UPDATED 1 Jul 2015 - 5:19 PM

Favourite Asian Pop Track: Ohhh it's gotta be missing you by 2NE1. What an emotional song right?! Always hits the spot. 

Favourite Asian Pop band: 2NE1! So much sass and confidence in one group, watching them do their thing makes me feel like I can move and sing like that... *I wish*

Favourite Anime Character: Monkey D Luffy from one piece. What a legend! 

Favourite Asian Pop Star: Can I just add an "s" after stars?! I can't choose between CL and Taeyang.. It's like asking who your favourite sibling or child is - you can't pick one!!! 

Favourite dance move: You can't go wrong with a little boy band air grab. The emotion in your face and how high you have to reach for the stars.. Wait I mean air. It's hard work! 

Favourite Food: Carbs? Is that an answer? Cause I love my pizza, potatoes, pasta. And I do LOVE desserts.. they call me the dessert queen. I have an invisible crown for that! 

Favourite Movie: any Disney movie like ever. Cinderella if I had to choose *cough

Favourite guilty pleasure: Tub of ice cream, a blanket, chocolate and a movie in bed. Ahh that makes me one happy chap! 


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