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It's fashion week (not officially) but Simon & Martina are talking nothing but fashion trends in South Korea this episode...
6 Jul 2015 - 9:02 PM  UPDATED 7 Jul 2015 - 11:09 AM

Eat Your Kimchi's Simon & Martina are on summer fashion alert this week!

South Korea seems to be ahead of the fashion game right now – current Summer fashion trends that will probably go international soon... but have we seen them all before?

  • Socks with platform sandals

  • Baggy overalls

  • Gradient lipstick

  • Raffia hats (floppy straw cowboy hats)

  • Baggy pants

  • Rashguards lol

  • Mirror sunglasses..

Are the 90s coming back? What’s next – fanny-packs/bum bags??

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