Find out how you too can enter Perfume's international dance contest!
7 Jul 2015 - 11:50 AM  UPDATED 13 Jul 2015 - 4:13 PM

J-pop trio Perfume is hosting a special dance competition, the “3rd Perfume Dance Contest – Miseyo, BUDOKAN!“  for their upcoming anniversary this September.

Here’s how you too can enter!  There are two categories of dance you can choose to do.

KIWAMI: Ultimate Copy

This category will judge the contestants copying Perfume’s dance moves by degree of perfection. Copydetails each members' style and even their facial expression! Be an ultimate copy!

SOU: Create Your Original Dance

This category will judge the contestants by their original dance. Advance to the finals with a great original dance moves and impress the judges! Perfume might dance to your routine at their shows in the future…?!


How to Enter

Step 1.

Upload your dance video to video outlet of your choice and get the link to the video.

* Your entry is NOT complete at this point!

Step 2.

Please select the category from below button and send the link to your dance video along with necessary information on the entry form.

* You may only enter one category. No multiple applications allowed.


Rules and guideline for video shooting

* Please shoot the video using fixed camera.

* If you cannot use tripod or place the camera at the fixed position, make sure not to move the camera when shooting the video.

* Shoot the dance from the front centre.

* Do not zoom in or out once you start shooting.

* No editing or processing allowed on the video.

Rules and guideline for application

* Maximum of dancers on 1 team is 20. Solo dancers are welcome.

* No multiple entries by 1 person in different teams.

* Contestant may only enter 1 category. No multiple category allocation allowed.

* Turn off the "comment" function when uploading dance videos.

* No cancellation of entry and/or change of information submitted allowed after entry.

* Contestants in 2nd and final round may be asked to submit full names of all dancers on the team.

* To attend or participate in the final round, contestants at the age of 19 or under will be required to submit the signed form or be chaperoned by parents or guardian.

* Finalists will be responsible to cover all the costs to participate at the finals including transportation, hotel and all other costs required to participate.

* For contestants residing outside of Japan, organizer is considering an online or video participation of the final round.

* All copyrights of the submitted videos belong to Amuse Inc.

* Videos may be posted on Perfume official website and/or be used for various promotional purposes by Perfume (on all medias including TV, magazines, newspaspers, online, etc.)

* Contestants must agree and accept ALL Terms and Conditions to enter the contest.

Head here to fill out the form and submit your entry

Entry period: 18:00, July 1st (Wed) – 11:59 p.m., July 20th (Mon)  Japan Time. If you need any futher information on the contest, head to the Perfume anniversary website

Watch Perfume explain the contest and categories for you [English Subs].