No dark side for Light and he's a bit....well....dimmer than expected....
8 Jul 2015 - 5:18 PM  UPDATED 8 Jul 2015 - 5:21 PM

More "Death Note"  is always a good thing. Except when it might not be a good thing.

Netizens are voicing their concerns (and frustration) with the first episode of Nippon TV’s live-action TV series adaptation of  "Death Note". It seems that the Light, as we know him, doesn't exist. 

In Nippon TV's version of "Death Note", Light is a normal school kid, who wants a normal job in Normalville being normal. In fact, it seems many of the characters are altered for this new look at "Death Note", but it's the changes to Light's character that are the most worrying. For those who have yet to look into the movie, manga or the anime, let me explain for you real quick. 

Death Note- The Sticky Note Version:

Light is a genius who obtains a magical notebook from an apple addicted Shinigami (a God of death). When Light writes someone’s name in the book, they die (Don't look shocked, I told you he got the notebook from a God of death, not the God of nice stuff. Also the series is called "Death Note". Not "Happy Note" or "Kitten Note".).

L is also a genius and works for the police in an effort to find and ultimately stop Light, who becomes more egotistical and power hungry as time goes on.

Light's character isn't dark enough.

Light being a normal guy, with a normal IQ, makes him the opposite of the Light that fans of the "Death Note" franchise have come to know and love/hate. It's tantamount to removing L's sweet tooth. 

Aside from not staying true to the original characters, it also raises some questions about how the story will play out. L is a legitimate genius, a sugar fuelled Sherlock Holmes, if Light can't match him, then the story is over in the first episode.

Of course, just because one character starts out one way, doesn't mean that's how they stay. If Pokemon has taught us anything, it's that Mega Evolution can turn the most harmless into dangerous monsters. 

What do you think of this change of character? Could this series still be a success?

 Source: Rocket News