It turns out the rumours aren't true. Zhoumi clarifies things with an Instagram post to fans.
17 Jul 2015 - 11:56 AM  UPDATED 17 Jul 2015 - 11:58 AM

Rumours have been circulating online (as per usual) the Super Junior-M member Zhoumi might be stepping in to the shoes of Super Junior members who have gone into the military recently. Zhoumi has put an end to the chatter via an Instagram post to ELFs, also thanking fans for their support over the years.

Words for ELFs: I am Zhoumi of Super Junior-M ^^ not Super Junior! After my debut seven years ago, there still seem to be a lot of antis who are afraid that Henry and I will join SJ. Having done so many activities, I just want to tell everyone that we have no intention of replacing anyone. I am me, we are eight members of SJM and I love my group members because they take care of me. So please, don’t worry and support SJ well. In the future, either as SJM’s Zhoumi or as solo artist Zhoumi, I will work very hard! I have never regretted these years I joined SJM, this is a period of my life that is very important. Whether it has been slander or approval, I am still very thankful for everyone! Because you all have created who I am today! I suddenly just wanted to share what has been on my mind, after so long some things have become less important, but our hearts still will be working together! As for extraneous words… there is no real purpose for them, I am still the Zhoumi who works hard for his dream!  ^^ Jiayou, I love you all, I love ELF ^^!”

Source: Koreaboo