Stellar stood up to their management on this issue. Go girls!
24 Jul 2015 - 1:16 PM  UPDATED 24 Jul 2015 - 1:28 PM

Stellar recently revealed they had to fight their management company to wear more clothing in their comeback MV “Vibrato”, who originally wanted the group to perform in G-strings (thongs).

In the original teaser image for the single, members: Gayoung, Minhee, Hyoeun, and JunYool can be seen wearing a G-string through the side-split of their long red dresses. Their management company was intent on the girls wearing similar underwear in their music video.

In an interview the group stated, "We were strongly against it because we knew it was impossible to dance in them. This was a big no for us. We told them it was impossible because the thongs [G-strings] would roll up while we dance. If they ignored our opinion and forced us to wear them, we were going to pack our bags and go home. We told each other that we would leave. Thankfully, we settled things and got to dance in more clothes".

Go girls! 

Check out their new MV "Vibrato" (NB. this has a 19+ rating in Korea)

Source: JpopAsia