G-Dragon has been spotted by Netizens on a date with what appears to be his Lamborghini. They are calling it Kiko.
28 Jul 2015 - 1:46 PM  UPDATED 28 Jul 2015 - 1:53 PM

According to reports, G-Dragon was spotted outside the Shilla Hotel in Seoul on a date with his rumoured girlfriend Mizuhara Kiko, but after close inspection netizens have discovered that only his Lamborghini can be seen in the photos. 

This has caused some fans to think that G-Dragon is in fact dating his car. 


But as you can see in the pictures posted by the netizen who kicked off this story, Mizuhara Kiko can not be seen. The person wrote, "While going to Shilla Hotel to hang out, I saw G-Dragon and Kiko. I saw the Lamborghini and was fascinated by it, but then G-Dragon came out of the car, so I was even more surprised," but unfortunately we have no proof that this actually happened. 

YG Entertainment summed the story up nicely by stating, "That is G-Dragon's car and G-Dragon.  We have no way of knowing if he had gone with Kiko."

Well said YG.