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Prince Mak is back to answer your fan questions, spill some more details on their comeback & he has some sad news about his kittens this week...
JJCC's Prince Mak

29 Jul 2015 - 5:02 PM  UPDATED 29 Jul 2015 - 5:11 PM

Prince Mak is back this week to answer your new fan questions and maybe leak some info about JJCC's comeback?

Fan questions:

  • Why was Prince chosen to be in JJCC
  • Who is Prince’s favourite JJCC member – what does Prince think about the other JJCC members
  • What does Prince do when he gets bored?

Learnt new choreography for the comeback + new MV is being polished

  • The new release will have a big surprise

Prince reveals some sad news about his kittens... and gets a bit emotional #sadface

Studio guest: JJCC members’ Hong Kong friend Ai

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