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Peter talks about the hip hop scene in Korea this week!
30 Jul 2015 - 6:36 PM  UPDATED 30 Jul 2015 - 7:23 PM

Here's what's happening in Peter Hyun's studio this week...

The hip hop scene in Korea:

  • Rap is still quite new for South Korea
  • Rap battles and how/why they can be a big problem in Korea.

Studio 101:

Peter takes you through how Team One Sound created SuJu's "Don’t wake me up". It was a track they got the green light for STRAIGHT AWAY!

Peter answers your fan questions:

  • Is it always Donghae who makes the studio sessions fun?
  • How many coffees does he have a day?/What is ‘studio life’ like?

Oldskool: Peter talks about who he considers to be the "Stevie Wonder of Korea". It's a man he describes as "The King of K-pop"! 

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