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13 Aug 2015 - 7:02 PM  UPDATED 13 Aug 2015 - 7:18 PM

Tazza: The Hidden Card (타짜-신의 손)

Starring the one and only TOP from Bigbang (as Dae-gil), or as he goes by professionally Choi Seung-hyunTazza: The Hidden Card  (sequel to the 2006 film) is the all about the risqué world of gambling and conmen. Kang Hyeong-cheol, who directed that classic movie Sunny is heading up the project also starring, Shin Se-kyung and Honey Lee. Let’s face it, the fact that TOP is in it is probably all you need to know.  

SYD        Sat 15th Aug, 1:30PM        

BRIS       Sat 29th Aug, 3:30PM        

MELB     Sat 5th Sep, 2:00PM          

PERT      Sat 19th Sep, 7:00PM        

ADEL     Sat 26th Sep, 7:00PM

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Love Forecast (오늘의 연애)

Hyun-woo (Moon Chae-Won) is a weather reporter known for her stunning looks and class on television. In real life, however, she’s a straight-talking tough girl who lives life in excess. She tries dating different a range of different guys including the cold, married producer Dong-jin and Hyo-bong; a sincere but dull photographer that she meets on a blind date. At the center of it all is her childhood friend and schoolteacher Jun-su (Lee Seung-Gi), whose deep and long simmering love for Hyun-woo leads him down some ridiculous paths. Hyun-woo sets out on a trip to help her sort out her true feelings for the three men. Who will she choose? 

SYD        Mon 17th Aug, 8:40PM      

BRIS       Wed 26th Aug, 6:30PM     

MELB     Tue 8th Sep, 6:00PM         

PERT      Sun 20th Sep, 2:00PM      

ADEL     Sun 27th Sep, 2:00PM

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The King of Jokgu (족구왕)

Finishing his post at mandatory military service, Hong Man-Sup (Ahn Jae-Hong) is a 24-year-old college student returning to university life. He has never dated and is not well versed with girls.

Man-sup petitions for the Jokgu (Foot-volleyball) court it to be rebuilt after falling in love with An-Na (Hwang Seung-Eon) and makes it his quest to win her heart and also the heart of the campus by championing the sport.

SYD        Sun 16th Aug, 6:25PM (Night with the Filmmaker)     

BRIS       Sat 29th Aug, 6:30PM        

MELB     Sun 6th Sep, 6:30PM

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How to steal a dog (개를 훔치는 완벽한 방법)

A young girl’s (Lee Re) father goes bankrupt. The girl's family loses their houses and they don't have a place to live. One day, the girl sees a flyer offering a reward of $500 for a missing dog. The young girl then sets out to "borrow" dogs from wealthy families to obtain reward money. 

The film also stars Australian comedian working in Korea, Sam Hammington and Wol-Ri (as Gary the dog).

SYD        Wed 12th Aug, 7:00PM (Night with the Filmmaker)    

BRIS       Tue 25th Aug, 7:00PM       

MELB     Thu 3rd Sep, 6:30PM         

CANB     Sat 5th Sep, 4:00PM          

PERT      Thu 17th Sep, 7:00PM       

ADEL     Thu 24th Sep, 7:00PM

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Han Gong-ju (한공주)

Han Gong-ju (Chun Woo-Hee) is forced to leave her home and move to another school after a shocking incident occurs. To escape scandal, she finds herself living in the home of her former teacher's mother in a different city. She is befriended by Eun-hee, who convinces her to join an acappella club. When news gets out of Gong-ju's new hobby, a group of parents of her former classmates cause a stir. Can Han Gong-Ju ever escape from her past?

SYD        Sat 15th Aug, 4:30PM 

BRIS       Sun 30th Aug, 8:30PM

MELB     Sat 5th Sep, 5:00PM

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To check uot the full lineup of films on offer this year, head to the Korean Film Festival website

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