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It's comeback week for JJCC! Find out what went down behind the scenes...
26 Aug 2015 - 8:29 AM  UPDATED 1 Sep 2015 - 7:27 PM

It's comeback week for JJCC and Prince Mak! Here's what went down behind the scenes...

Prince Mak’s week:

  • Comeback performances + introducing new members to the public
  • JJCC had a performance where BIGBANG also performed
  • GD instagrammed a picture where Prince was in the background!

  • Fan meeting – featured Pinnacle the Hustler (from the ‘Where You At’ MV) who even did aegyo at the event
  • Prince’s meat pie memories (fan question: Meat pie vs fried chicken)
  • Lining up at the school canteen to buy a meat pie; being sad after dropping a meat pie on the ground – some older girls at the school who helped cheer him up are still his friends
  • GOT7 Jackson asked for Prince’s number but he forgot what it was - OH C'MON!!!!! You had one job... ONE JOB! *jealous anger*

Your fan questions answered:

  • Does Prince Mak like Studio Ghibli movies?
  • Discman – Prince Mak goes through his old favourite CDs 
  • Would Prince prefer to live in the Harry Potter world or a world of fame?

Studio guest: Pinnacle The Hustler

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