Japanese rock band [Alexandros] is about to take over SBS PopAsia radio!!!
28 Aug 2015 - 5:30 PM  UPDATED 31 Aug 2015 - 12:22 PM

[Alexandros] is ready to rock your little worlds every Wednesday from 8pm on SBS PopAsia radio. Why don't you get to know the boys before you tune in! 

[Alexandros] (previously known as [Champagne]) was initially formed by vocalist Yoohei Kawakami in 2001 and bassist Hiroyuki Isobe. Being brought up in Syria, Yoohei speaks fluent English with unique Middle Eastern accent. He sings both in English and Japanese, not only aggressive rock numbers but sweet and mellow tunes he create. Hiroyuki, spending most of his childhood in the US contributes to the band‘s sound that stands out from the other Japanese local bands. These two young talents got together to form what is to become one of the most original bands to emerge from the land of the rising sun.

[Alexandos] features:

YOOHEI KAWAKAMI - 川上洋平 Vocals & Guitar

HIROYUKI ISOBE - 磯部寛之 Bass & Chorus

MASAKI SHIRAI - 白井眞輝  Guitar



1. Favourite [Alexandros] track:

Yoohei Kawakami: “untitled”

Hiroyuki Isobe: Every newest song is the best song!

Masaki Shirai: “kiss the damage”

Satoyasu Shomura: “famous day”


2. Favourite Asian rock track:

Yoohei: “innocent world” by Mr. Children


Masaki: “Akai Tambourine” by Blankey Jet City

Satoyasu: “forever & ever” by Luna Sea


3. Bands that have influenced your music:

Yoohei: oasis & primal scream

Hiro: PRIMAL SCREAM, Oasis, Coolio

Masaki: Blankey Jet City, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Satoyasu: Luna Sea


4. Favourite venue to play at:

Yoohei: anywhere

Hiro:  Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury

Masaki: anywhere except cold places

Satoyasu: Anywhere


5. Favourite anime character / cartoon character:

Yoohei: goku

Hiro: Sendou of Slam Dunk

Masaki: Baki Hanma

Satoyasu: Ginji Itada (Gintama)


6. Favourite Asian pop star / celebrity:

Yoohei: Takeshi Kaneshiro

Hiro: Shinichi Tsutsumi

Masaki: Jackie Chan!!!

Satoyasu: Stephen Chow


7. Favourite dance move:

Yoohei: moon walk

Hiro: moon walking

Masaki: I can't dance

Satoyasu: Butoh


8. Favourite food:

Yoohei:  BBQ

Hiro: YAKITORI, or basically anything that matches with liquor.

Masaki: Saraudon

Satoyasu: garlic!


9. Favourite movie:

Yoohei: I cant choose coz there’s too many

Hiro: Unable to pick one, but probably Star Wars or Back To The Future or Gran Torino…

Masaki: Jackie Chan movies, The back to the future, Dark night, Ted

Satoyasu: Tetsuo: The Iron Man


10. Favourite guilty pleasure

Yoohei: ramen at midnight, watching movies at midnight

Hiro: Drinking when too tired, and it's worse when I eat ramen noodles after drinking.

Masaki: Seeing YouTube all day long on my day off.

Satoyasu: Ramen Jiro