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Aron's Hangout is back tonight and we find out how he feels having such beautiful eyebrows...
28 Aug 2015 - 10:01 PM  UPDATED 28 Aug 2015 - 8:12 PM

THE BIG QUESTION ANSWERED: how does it feel to have such beautiful eyebrows?

Also in the show:

  • What is he wearing right now?  Why does he wear so many of Minhyun’s clothes?
  • What does he think of Australia? He talk about what he was shocked by and what the boys got up to. 
  • He wants to try Vegemite coz he loves salt.  Where's Andy when you need him? 
  • An eventful week for Aron.  This week he’s been practising for … their South American tour.  20 song concert planned.  They’re going to Mexico and he’s going to make a pig of himself on the food
  • Who’s the best cook in Nu’est?  (and what are Aron’s best recipes).  Who’s the worst?
  • Two words: Cookie Pizza
  •  We sing happy birthday to Danielle ‏@NU_BTS_LOVE
  • What was the culture shock like moving to Korea?

BEST ADVICE IN THE SHOW: enjoy your youth while you can. 


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