One of these things is not like the manga, one of these things just isn't the same.....
29 Aug 2015 - 1:17 PM  UPDATED 29 Aug 2015 - 2:49 PM

There's a theory that it's a bad idea to have 'Titania' or variations of as a name for a ship, because it's sure to sink. I didn't know the same was true for movies.

I already knew “Attack On Titan” the movie would different from the anime, so I employed my 'it's a parrallel' universe to quiet my inner "Attack On Titan" fangirl. In the case of thelive-action adaptation, convincing yourself it's not the 'same' world as the anime is pretty easy to do because from the world, to the character backstories are all very different.

Of course, changing a main character's development won't cause any problems in the future, right?

I decided to pretend that the lack of Levi is the reason the Survey Corps is a vastly changed unit (by vastly changed, I mean they're horrendously terrible at their job most of their time), which in turn created a shift in the power dynamics of the rest of the world. This helped to explain the 'changes'.

Like this-


There is a limit to how much any story can change, before it stops being the story you went to see and starts being a story you don't care about. Half an hour in and my hopes for watching a movie that resembled the things I loved in the anime, evaporated faster than Armin's chances of survival when this dude showed up.

The romance aspects are unneeded and boring.


Captain Shikishima (played by Hiroki Hasegawa) is meant to be a variation of Levi. What he is, is the creepiest thing to happen to apples since a Shinigami dropped a notebook.

A 'changed' Levi, I can handle though.  There were even moments when he was kind of cool. 

The lack of Mikasa, not so much.

A character called Mikasa (played by Kiko Mizuhara) exists in the movie, but she's not the same. Anime Mikasa is independantly fierce and strong from the beginning. Movie Mikasa still kills Titans, but her motivation, her inner being, is watered down. It's like she's the Avatar, but after she meets Amon and things get terrible.


But there's more.....


If you've been avoiding everything to do with the "Attack On Titan" movie because you don't want spoilers, skip this bit.

Ahh, you're reading it. I can't help you now.

We all know that it's a running joke....


No, not that running joke. Though if they'd put it in the movie, that would have been cool.

That no one knows where baby Titans come from.

“We don't know how they reproduce” is said ten minutes before they literally discover a baby Titan drooling over stuff. The baby Titan is like a metaphor for all the plot deviations in the movie- Huge, illogical and disturbing. (And how do you not tell the difference between the cry of a normal sized baby and one that's at least 2 stories tall?).


I truly wanted to enjoy this film. I don't like writing bad reviews because behind anything, there's usually a lot of people working really hard, to do their best. But it was like going to see Die Hard, but accidentally watching Die Hard 5. Or that horrible moment when you start watching an anime and realise you put the dubs on, instead of the subs.

There were some good points.

The minor characters were like seeing old friends on a bad day. Somehow, they were truer to their original forms and their scenes were a relief. The look of dismay on Souda's face (played by Pierre Taki) and the excitement on Hiana's (played by Ayame Misaki), reminded me of why I love "Attack On Titan". The special effects were nothing short of awesome. But those moments were too few. It was because I'm a fangirl that I was able to enjoy those moments, I'm not sure there's anything for people who aren't fans of the series to enjoy in this film. 

I'm hopeful for the second movie though. Maybe that's crazy talk. Hajime Isayama, the creator of the series, apparently helped to develop the story into it's movie form (though it's hard to believe) and is now trying to work out what went wrong. Maybe that means the next "Attack On Titan" movie will be better.

Until then.....

2 and a bit anguished anime grunts out of 5.