Japanese metal band BABYMETAL recently spoke to the BBC about their anti-bullying song and more...
30 Aug 2015 - 1:38 PM  UPDATED 30 Aug 2015 - 1:42 PM

Image: Reading Festival

Japanese metal band BABYMETAL recently performed at Reading Festival in UK and caught up with the BBC's Newsbeat team to discuss their anti-bullying song and how they deal with critics of their sugar-coated metal sound.

"Ijime, Dame, Zettai" which roughly translates to "Don't Bully" is one of the girls' favourite songs. 

BABYMETAL told Newsbeat, "Our song is about no bullying and it is very important to us. The lyrics have a message that we try to convey to everyone.

"During the song we do a jump as a sign against bullying and it makes us happy when we see the fans jump with us."

The trio have received their own criticism for their highly orchestrated (they have an entourage of over 12 people for makeup, hair security and more) and polished look which some say is not very "metal". 

However, BABYMETAL have always been open about the fact that metal is a learning process for them. 

An interpreter explained to Newsbeat, "They are receiving a lot of different feedback from people, people who enjoy them, people who don't get what they are doing and some people who are pretty mad that people are calling them metal," the interpreter said, "But for them it doesn't matter. The good comments and criticism, they are all important. They are just doing what they want to do. They will continue to be BABYMETAL and do what they have to". 

Source: BBC Newsbeat 

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