Meng Fei even had a favourite girl... he wanted to keep her as a pet.
3 Sep 2015 - 4:23 PM  UPDATED 30 Sep 2015 - 2:34 PM

Every once in a while there is a girl who truly touches the hearts of If You Are The One fans and contestants alike. Many of these have moved on, but none have been forgotten. They live on in our hearts (and repeats, we guess).

1. Wu Jiao

Nicknamed 'Little FanBingBing' for her remarkable resemblance to the Chinese actress, Wu Jiao was a fixture upon the number 14 podium - attracting many admirers. A penchant for chubby men and fiery outbursts made her a favourite of Meng Fei.

She was eventually taken, even if it were a little against her will...

2. Li Xinlan

Li Xinlan was a had a positivity and a love of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that was unparalleled.

Her quirkiness and beaming smile captivated fans and Meng Fei alike.

He once said, " I love 13, I want to keep her as a pet (but not in a slave type way)" 

3. Ai Satou

The Japanese single mother quickly became a fan favourite with her enthusiastic performances that bordered on desperation and rather frank admissions.

4. Lao Jia

A favourite amongst the gentleman of If You Are The One, in 40 episodes Lao Jia was picked an impressive 22 times as the contestant's favourite girl. After turning down so many, she finally agreed to leave with an Australian guy who had come on the show just to woo her. Can't fault his commitment...

5. Wang Qian

Constantly confused, rarely making sense and at all other times throwing various amounts of shade at the male candidates Wang Qian had it all.

Perfect example.

A tribute Wang Qian - "If You Are The One" contestant number 15.
Wang Qian is one of the most memorable contestants on "If You Are The One" & she will live on in memes!