Sometimes it's easy to guess a star's favourite food. Sometimes it's totally unbelievable.
4 Sep 2015 - 7:01 PM  UPDATED 16 Mar 2016 - 4:45 PM

An idol singer with a taste for fatty goodness. A celebrity who frequents a soup restaurant. 

Check out these stars and their favourite dishes. Is it what you expected?



This cute singer loves nothing more than to sink her teeth into all the delicious treats the world has to offer. 

Her absolute favourite? Meat. Among meat, IU has a soft spot for Hanwoo (Korean beef).



The former EXO member like both sweet and spicy. No surprises that his favourite food is Kung Pao Chicken. 

Watanabe Mayu

This AKB48 member is a walking contradiction. Her two favourite foods are Chicken Karrage and mushrooms, although she doesn't like vegetables. We might just forgive her though.

Jay Chou

Jay loves his Bak kuk teh, literally translated into “meat bone tea.” It’s basically pork ribs cooked in a complex broth of herbs and spices. Jay has a favourite restaurant that in Singapore that he visits often. 


She’s professed her love for sweet potatoes time and time again. Not only is it a diet staple for Girls’ Generation, it’s a dream date for Seohyun. On a variety show, Seohyun chose the humble vegetable over actor Song  Seunghun. 


Kris Wu 

He's a fan of simple home-cooked dishes made by his mum. If he had to choose a particular dish though, it'd be sausage fried rice! 


Aaron Yan

To stay in shape, Aaron admits to being on a strict diet most of the time. However, when he is given the green light, he loves nothing more than to rip into the decadent dishes. He is a big fan of Gordon Ramsay’s beef wellingtons and visited the chef’s restaurant when he was in the U.S.


This BIGBANG member has a sweet tooth. On top (no pun intended) of ice cream and donuts, he loves his yanggeng (red bean jelly). Apparently, T.O.P only ate read bean jelly for a month and to shed some kilos for his debut. We don’t recommend you try this. But, is it still a diet if you are eating your favourite food? Hmm…


This teenageris not too different from other teens. The BTS member loves pizza and anything made of flour! 


We’ve seen her devour ice cream and sweets, but this sexy idol singer is actually a big fan of greasy food.  When she’s not dieting for promos, her go-to food is lamb tripes. Not quite the food we had in mind for Hyuna.



Not only is Ganjang gyejang a seasonal delicacy made of marinaded fresh raw crabs, it's super nutritious. It's also a bit of a tongue twister! 




Ayumi Hamasaki

Looks like this sweet J-popster has a penchant for the sweet stuff~~~  Hopefully, Ayumi won't make this her staple diet XD