Happy father's day to all the dads out there... especially the cute Asian pop celebrity dads!
6 Sep 2015 - 12:24 PM  UPDATED 6 Sep 2015 - 12:29 PM

Happy Fathers Day! These stars may be used to showing off their strong masculine charms in the spotlight but at home, they play loving dads to their adorable children.

1. Jay Chou

Taiwanese pop king Jay Chou became a first-time dad this year with his wife, Australian-Taiwanese model Hannah Quinlivan, giving birth to a daughter in July.

Look at him protectively cradling his little bundle of joy, even wearing a T-shirt that says “Dad is always my love”. Awww.

2. Tablo

He may be a tough judge on Show Me the Money but when it comes to his daughter Haru, hip-hop rapper Tablo can’t help but turn into a soft marshmallow. Even digging out his inner aegyo to please her. 

Ahh, such an easy victim for Choo Sarang.

3. Ricky Kim

Currently starring on reality show ‘Oh My Baby’, model actor Ricky Kim shows off his fatherly charms caring for his daughter Taylor and son Asher. He’s willing to sacrifice his body parts, including his gorgeous face, for his kids’ convenience.

*Imma just use daddy’s face as a chin pillow*


4. Wu Chun

Dressed in matching red jerseys, Wu Chun has lots of paternal love for three-year-old daughter Nei Nei and one year old son Max, even cutely adding captions such as “I’ll be your super-daddy forever”.

5. Jin Akanishi

Former KAT-TUN member, Jin Akanishi is so happy even just posing alongside his baby girl Theia. She’s as a cute as a button and totally looks like her handsome dad!

Left: Jin Akanishi as a baby

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