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Simon and Martina talk about Cosplay, what's in a Girls’ Generation fridge, among other hard-hitting issues in South Korea.
Eat Your Kimchi

7 Sep 2015 - 10:00 PM  UPDATED 7 Sep 2015 - 10:00 PM

Simon and Martina are in Finland for an Anime/Cosplay convention. You won't believe who Simon dressed up as... then again, maybe you will.  

This week, live from Finland, the Eat Your Kimchi duo covers:

-          Cosplay/Anime 

-          Girls’ Generation’s Sunny appearing on the hit show “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator"

-          The banned foods found in the Girls’ Generation fridge

-          Issue in South Korea: the government wants workers to take more days off. But is this possible?

-          Pressure of being a “team player” as well as the social life of workers in South Korea

-          Does K-pop mirror the Korean society at large?

Find out all this and more.


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