YG’s rookie hip-hop band iKON has released their first season schedule.
8 Sep 2015 - 6:42 PM  UPDATED 15 Sep 2015 - 10:09 AM


It's finally here. Papa YG is not trolling us! Check out iKON's debut MV "My Type".



It’s official, iKON’s debut schedule is out for those who want to keep a tab on YG Entertainment’s latest hip-hop group. It seems that the next three months will be chock full for the boys.

On Sep.15, the group will release its debut “warm up single”. Then on Oct.1, they will release a 6-track “half album.” Then on Nov.2, the full 12-track album will be released.

Even ahead of the group’s official debut, the group has been active since their initial formation in 2013. 

Bobby, who won the survival show “Show Me The Money 3” is already a star in his own right and many are expecting big things from the group. 

Other members were also recruited from reality shows like “WIN” and “Mix & Match.” The boys have performed at BIGBANG shows before and many are anticipating that the new group to become as big as their predecessor. 

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