Member Seungho has been involved in an altercation with his company's director
11 Sep 2015 - 3:11 PM  UPDATED 11 Sep 2015 - 3:14 PM


J.Tune Camp has released an official statement regarding the incident, clarifying that the person who stuck Seungho is no longer an employee of the company.  

They said, "'A' is not a current employee of J.Tune Camp, but a former employee. 'A' left the agency 2 years ago, and he and Seung Ho recently met up with other acquaintances for the first time in a while to have drinks. But while they were conversing, they got into a misunderstanding. Whatever the reason was, we apologize for having brought you such news."

They continued, "After the police investigation, Seung Ho and 'A' resolved their misunderstanding. So there will not be further investigations into the matter. We are sorry for concerning you with such an incident."


MBLAQ member Seungho has allegedly been beaten by the director of his agency; the director is now under police investigation.

MBLAQ’s entertainment company’s director was called in by Seoul Gangnam Police Department after the alleged beating took place around 3:10 AM at a bar around SinsaDong. 

Seungho originally called the police at the time claiming that he was “struck by a glass cup”, but then later confirmed he was slapped. The director, who can't be named confessed that he struck Seungho during a drinking session after he made a rude comment. 

The incident remains with police at this time. 

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Source: YTTN