The "Running Man" Australian specials are set to air on SBS 2 this summer. Get ready for a date with your TV...
15 Dec 2015 - 1:02 PM  UPDATED 15 Dec 2015 - 1:24 PM

Got that special date or party to attend this weekend? Have someone to impress? We've got 7 important tips that we learnt from Running Man to help you get sorted. 

All before you wind down to the Running Man Australian specials airing on SBS 2 from December 27! (See times below).    

So much cheese from Gary that we can make a toastie or jaffle from.

1. Style your hair like G-Dragon using…mud! 

Not only is it good for your skin, mud is a very cost effective (ie. zero) and environmentally friendly alternative to hair gel.


2. Arrive in style.

No other way to do it really. Nothing says ‘Wow, Fantastic Baby!’ more than the loud whirls of a helicopter trumpeting your entrance.  


3. Walk into the club like…

The best way to get attention, especially if gravity is no friend of yours.

Alternatively, the head roll works too.


4. Hone in on that sensitive emotionally-aware brooding charm with some teardrops falling down your face. 

You can put your face in front of a fan (or bathroom hand-dryer if you’re short on resources), use an onion or dab some water droplets on from the tap.


5. Dance.

Even when you’re losing balance, just shrug it off as if doing your best Charlie Chaplin impersonation.


Look at Kwangsoo getting into the groove of things.


6. Be careful not to spill your drink on someone. Or someone’s friend. 

Or I guess, do so, if you secretly wanted this to happen. 


7. If you need to hide from someone, the best way is to not hide at all.


And…we’re out.

If you want more leanings from the very educational Running Man TV show, be sure to check out the Australian specials on SBS2 this summer! It's a date #winkyface

Running Man - Episode 1 (Australian special) – 5.45pm Sunday 27 Dec 

Running Man - Episode 2 – (Australian special) - 5.50pm Sunday 3 Jan 

Running Man - Episode 3 – (Australian special) - 5.50pm Sunday 10 Jan 


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