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NU'EST Aron is coming to you live from Japan... WOO!
19 Sep 2015 - 9:27 AM  UPDATED 19 Sep 2015 - 9:31 AM

Aron is hanging out with you guys all the way from Japan in this week's episode. Here's what goes down:

Fan question: do anything silly when younger?

  • Aron “the delinquent” – used to egg houses/cars and play ding-dong-ditch... um what's that? 

Fan question: what are some awkward moments that you've experienced?

Fan question: what Aron does when he gets stressed?

Aron's week:

Working in recording studios – it’s fun but when recording as a group, you have to wait for your turn

Performed in Yokohama – upcoming performances in Osaka, Tokyo & Nagoya

NU’EST NEWS: practicing new choreography to match the stage sets; also practicing with the dancers in Japan

Fan question: Aron’s tattoos?

  • Talks about one on his back/shoulder in Latin which means ‘for the ones I love’
  • May or may not have a couple more tattoos (in case his mum is listening)

Fan question: favourite Western artists?

  • Old school rap – Obie Trice, Eminem, Bone Thuggz n Harmony, 2Pac
  • RnB – Anthony Hamilton, Craig David, Joe, Sisqo, Boyz 2 Men
  • Punk/rock – Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park
  • Aron didn’t know about K-Pop until he was scouted!

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