What BIGBANG members do when not on stage while on their [MADE] tour.
13 Oct 2015 - 4:42 PM  UPDATED 13 Oct 2015 - 2:51 PM

Let's face it, 6 months is a long time to be on the road and that's how long BIGBANG have been on their [MADE] tour which kicked off in April in Seoul.

The tour will go on until early next year, and while it must be tiring, it's good to know that the boys do have some fun in between the gigs.

Take a look at our fave 12 downtime moments from the boys.

1. T.O.P loves nothing more than to take in local arts in the cities that he's performing. Here he is admiring a Kooning work in Tornonto.


2. Seungri likes to keep active. Here he is enjoying some water sports in Busan in between concerts. 


3. No matter how busy he is, G-Dragon makes time to support his famous friends. 


4. Eating well is a given, and so the boys like to dine out with their friend ZE:A's Kwanghee. 


5. Even when in transit, the boys never miss an opportunity for a snap with Hollywood friends. Fergie ran in to the boys in Mexico. 


6. Never without a dull moment, the boys can take even the drearist road conditions and make it interesting. Here is a shot taken from their van en route to a show. 


7. Of course, when they can, the boys see the sights too. Here they are enjoying the Grand Canyon.

8. Seungri likes to party. Here he is snapped with a mystery female in Taiwan. Since then, it's been confirmed that she was his interpretor. 


9. Golf. The sport of gentlemen. It makes sense that BIGBANG enjoy a game or two. Here is Seungri on the fairway in Vegas. 


10. In between different legs of the tour, Taeyang visited a fan at her place. The whole shenanigan was broadcast through Naver's "V" app. aww bless. 


11. No doubt, one of the best things about being on tour is that you get to wake up to a different view every morning. Here's T.O.P in America, not only enjoying the scenery but eating some biscuits for breakfast. 


12. Not sure who we envy more here, but after the show, BIGBANG members are often greeting their famous fans like Zhang Ziyi. 

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