Fans spot BIGBANG as the boys travel from Sydney to Melbourne.
20 Oct 2015 - 7:02 PM  UPDATED 21 Oct 2015 - 3:59 PM

Unlike their arrival into Sydney, BIGBANG's trip from Sydney to Melbourne was a much more relaxed affair.


UPDATE: It's been confirmed that Taeyang actually travelled a day after (on October 21)  his band mates left for Melbourne. Our very own Top30 host Natalia Tran spotted Tae at the airport in Melbourne!


It probably helped that G-Dragon tweeted his flight details ahead of time (a rookie mistake), but this time there was no VIP exit, less security and just a lot more accesibility.

Check out the fan snaps that happened on October 20 as the boys were en route!


 And then came the fan snaps!





Happy BIGBANG spotting to all VIPs Down Under!

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