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20 Oct 2015 - 4:16 PM  UPDATED 20 Oct 2015 - 5:14 PM

BIGBANG performed at Allphones Arena in Sydney on the weekend; we watched and they conquered (I also may have cried).

I need a shirt that says ‘I SURVIVED THE BIGBANG MADE TOUR’ because I’m pretty sure my fangirling heart was about to explode on Saturday night. From the moment I arrived at Olympic Park I could feel the energy of VIPs. People in BIGBANG shirts, others holding yellow light sticks and wearing yellow headpieces. Fans who had been there since the early hours of the morning just to get a spot in the cue. Even fans who didn’t have a ticket came down for a visit.

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VIPs quickly filled their seats at Allphones Arena eagerly waiting for BIGBANG. Rather than an opening act, fans were treated to BIGBANG music videos back to back because who better to warm-up VIPs than BIGBANG themselves right? When fans had finished singing along to "Fantastic Baby", the lights went off and the arena was illuminated by a sea of yellow light sticks.

Kick starting the show was a new [MADE] trailer I hadn't seen before, and another one to make Quentin Tarantino proud. BIGBANG does a Western-inspired film so fashionably well. The kind of ‘young and dangerous’ vibe with just enough sexy to send fans into meltdown before the show even starts.

The original BIGBANG [MADE] tour trailer - remember watching this thinking, they'll never come to Australia.

Madness erupted when the opening song ‘BANG BANG BANG’ started and when BIGBANG emerged from behind the LED screen that’s when all hell broke loose. Everyone in that arena could feel the power of VIPs as they cheered, screamed and fan-chanted so loud that for a good few seconds I couldn’t hear the music.

This was followed by some of BIGBANG’s earlier hits "Tonight", "Stupid Liar" and my highlight of the night – an acoustic version of "Haru Haru". My feels were all over the place hearing Aussie VIPs sing an entire chorus in Korean to a hit song released seven years ago. A true testament to the power of BIGBANG and the significant role they’ve played in the Hallyu Wave.

Throughout the night we saw solo video interludes that made every member a star in their own right. We even saw a more complex side of BIGBANG... and T.O.P was noticably under the weather and trying to convince himself otherwise (poor Choi Seung-hyun).

Seungri brought sexy back with his solo hit "Strong baby" and Daesung proved once again he was a vocal God with ‘Wings’. Taeyang almost had me in tears with "Eyes, Nose, Lips" because I knew with every beat in my biased heart that he was singing it directly to me (and not his actual girlfriend Min Hyorin who was in the crowd - whatevs).

Hip-hop fans were in for a treat when T.O.P absolutely slayed the stage in "Doom Dada" with all his glorious charisma and can we just talk about about his catwalk for second? Dannnnng! As if solo performances weren’t enough, BIGBANG’s duo groups GD&TOP and GD X TAEYANG performed hits "Zutter" and "Good boy".

Check out the spank - fan service!!!

Then came the man of the hour G-dragon who performed "Crooked" complete with his infamous short mic stand. There’s no denying GD has amazing stage presence drawing the crowd in effortlessly with every lyric and every dance move.

BIGBANG’s interaction with the crowd was amazing. I loved seeing Daesung's *bleeping* big eyes and of course we all melted when T.O.P did a speech in Korean. Props to Seungri and Daesung who knew how to work the crowd, their energy was insane.

BIGBANG saved the best for last. The show just wouldn’t be complete without performing everyone’s favourite hit "Fantastic Baby". GD and Taeyang were holding onto big Kangaroo and Koala bears which was later thrown into the crowd for two lucky VIPs to grab. G-Dragon had to get his windmill arm in an attempt to get a giant Kangaroo to a cute little girl in the crowd. He made got it to her after about 3 tries (& now her life will never be the same). 

"Fantastic Baby" was the last song... here's how G-Dragon introduced it in ENGLISH! So impressive. 

But... of course us greedy VIPs wanted more. 

We got the last and final Tarantino-esque video before BIGBANG graced the stage for the last time to perform the encore song "We like 2 Party" in an explosion of confetti and giant bouncing balls branded "BIGBANG Sydney" (awww you guys!).

BIGBANG then said goodbye to Aussie VIPs [NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO] with snippets of "Bae Bae" mostly led by Seungri the fire-cracker (no chill for this guy), and Daesung also burst into a Michael Jackson "Beat it" dance break - pelvic thrusts and all. That guy knows how to bring the lols. 

If you’re craving for some more BIGBANG – hang in there. G-Dragon told fans that another BIGBANG album is on the way; the complete [MADE] packaged album. Rumour has it that after the MADE tour, BIGBANG will enlist to fulfil their mandatory military service. It’s OK VIPs, we’ll worry about that when the time comes.

The [MADE] tour was everything and more. BIGBANG are complete powerhouses equally as a quintet and as soloists solidifying their title as the kings of K-pop. Two solid hours of non-stop hits, no voice from singing too much and sore limbs from dancing like a maniac. I think I speak for for every VIP when I say; the ‘MADE’ tour was worth waiting hours in the cue, worth the amount of money paid and worth the years of fandom.

What were some of your highlights from the ‘MADE’ tour? 

Hit me up <3 Shay Shay

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