BIGBANG members take some well-deserved downtime during the Australian leg of the [MADE] tour.
20 Oct 2015 - 2:18 PM  UPDATED 20 Oct 2015 - 2:18 PM

In one week, BIGBANG came and conquered with their [MADE] tour. It was a dizzying few days, trying to keep a track of the boys' movement.

Still when they were not on the stage, the boys seemed to have had made the most of their short visit in Australia. 


Daesung was spotted at the Crown Melbourne and even waved to fans while out for dinner! 



Taeyang hanging out with his bae Min Hyorin. awwww. 

We will never get over the special bond between T.O.P & the giraffes at Taronga zoo! 

We think the boys liked Australia as much as we liked having them here! 

G-Dragon posted a goodbye picture as he was jetting out. Come back soon!



With their Sydney shows done and dusted, and with a couple of days to spare before the Melbourne show, BIGBANG boys are soaking up as much sun and fun in Sydney.

Here are some snapshots of what they’ve been doing!

Sampling the foods of the city. 



Doing the touristy stuff.

Opera House selfie. Check. 

Enjoying a romantic moment on board a yacht. Check. 

G-Dragon is clearly enjoying all the nature that Australia has to offer. Here is his artistic capture of a humble seagull. 

G-Dragon knows that sunbathing is mandatory when in the land Down Under.


Meanwhile, T.O.P has found love at the Taronga Zoo. Here's 3 different pictures of the giraffe that captured T.O.P's heart. 


Another creature that won over T.O.P is Seungri in "seal" mode as his band member described him.

As a keen art enthusiast, T.O.P and the boys also took some time out to check out the local galleries. 



As the social butterfly of the group, Seungri took time out to record a video for fans!


He was also snapped by fans, just roaming the streets.


Seungri also hung out with his mummy who came to watch the show! awwwww.



Meanwhile Taeyang enjoyed some romantic dates with girfriend Min Hyorin.


Hyorin was also spotted at the show, supporting her man. Awwww.



We hope the boys enjoy the rest of their time Down Under and we'll keep you posted with fresh BIGBANG DownUnder sightings!

Catch the BIGBANG [MADE] album play out on December 21st 2015 and January 8, 2016 @7pm on #SBSPopAsia radio. 

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