We can't get enough of baby BIGBANG.
22 Oct 2015 - 6:32 PM  UPDATED 22 Oct 2015 - 6:32 PM

They may be the biggest K-pop band now, but even these cool cats come from humble beginnings.

Or should we say, adorable beginnings. We can't stop looking at BIGBANG's baby pics, and we guarantee you won't be able to stop either!

Baby Daesung

Even lil' Dae is gasping at how cute he is!



Young Seungri 

As a tot, Seungri knew all too well about that awkward moment when you outshine the girls in the pic (he's in yellow).



No words can prepare you for Taeby. Gahhh.



You could say that he was a TOP baby ;) 



Have you seen a baby with this mush SWAG?



Yup, young GD and Tae. What a duo!  


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