While there is absolutely no need for an excuse to watch gory anime, I think that if you DO need an excuse, Halloween is pretty much it.
29 Oct 2015 - 9:56 AM  UPDATED 29 Oct 2015 - 10:31 AM

Anime and gore have been hanging out since at least Fist of the North Star (an oldskool anime in a number of ways). 

I'm kind of like  Master Sori from Blade of the Immortal because we both think red is a really cool colour, though he's a little too committed to his art, if you ask me.

Or I'd be this guy -

So, as Halloween approaches (and you're like me with no parties to go to because pfffft, sif socialise!) here's a list of gore anime to keep you company!

Sidenote: Where there is gory anime, there are adult themes. Perhaps this is because if you're going to have a high advisory rating, you might as well get your pound of flesh (get it? because gore?!)

I've included the advisory ratings, where possible, so you know whether this anime is appropriate for you to watch. I've also included my “Vials of the red stuff” rating, to tell you how much gore you can expect.


1. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (MA 15+)


This is an anime about two brothers who try to science, but things don't work out and they lose part of themselves, in a very literal sense of the word. While on a quest to get those parts back, they fight a looming darkness that threatens to devour the world as they know it. Blood is heavily involved.

So, if you're looking for something that's will kick you in the feels while also being a bit gory, this is the anime for you.

Also, here's all your friendship goals being achieved right now-

Gore rating: 2 out of 10 vials of red stuff.


2. Fate/Zero (M Rated)

This is an anime that will have you focussed on the action, more than the body count and blood levels. But given the whole premise is people battling to the death, with the help of well-known historical figures (what were they well-known for? I'll give you a hint, it's not knitting) it should go without saying that anime has some very gruesome moments.

Gore rating: 4 out of 10 vials of the red stuff.


3. Gosick (M Rated)

Imagine if Sherlock Holmes was a small girl who wasn't allowed to leave a very big library. That's sort of the plot for Gossick. It's a combination of mystery, meets supernatural and occasionally hangs out with history, style genre. 

It's another one of those devious anime that tricks you into thinking it's all flowery, then hits you with some gore.

Gore rating: 4 out of 10 vials of the red stuff.

4. Akame Ga Kill (rated MA)


It starts out as 'kid tries to make it in the big city to save villiage' and turns into 'what happens when you hang out with assassins'. Plenty of hits to the feels with almost equal measure of gore. There are moments of LOL (I actually LOL'd not pretend LOL'd) as well as some severe tugging at the heart strings.

Hanging out with assassins can end with you having a lot of red on you though....

Gore rating: 4 out of 10 vials of the red stuff.


5. Parasyte the Maxim

If you ever read Animorphs as a kid, the storyline isn't that different. Except, instead of worms just renting out a room in your head, these aliens eat your brain and take over your body. Sometimes they take over other people's bodies too.They're not fun aliens, is what I'm saying.


If you're looking for a body snatcher style story with a twist, this one could really amp up your Halloween night.

(The live-action isn't half bad either!)

Gore rating: 7 out of 10 vials of the red stuff.


6. Psycho-Pass (MA 15+)


Imagine a world where your aura is monitored by a computerised system. When you aura is cloudy, a creepy....I mean....completely friendly robot taps you on the shoulder and tells you to seek counselling.

The gore, however, comes into play as we follow the investigations of detectives who track and apprehend criminals with cloudy auras. What do they do when they find a dangerous criminal? They deal with them through the use of their 'Dominator' guns. Three guesses for how that works out.

This has heavy adult themes and can be pretty confronting at times. It's also one of those 'it's gory but makes me think' style anime.

Gore rating: 8 out of 10 vials of the red stuff.


7. Vampire Hunter D

You may think that a gore-anime marathon for Halloween night is too much and after binge watching a lot of these for this list, I say.... I never want to see tomato sauce again....

If you're looking a gorey movie, Vampire Hunter D is a good choice. There's vampires, love, talking hands (it's kind of like Parasyte in that way) and while there's a fair amount of gore, it's not so much that you'll never touch spaghetti bolognaise again.

Gore rating: 6 out of 10 vials of the red stuff.


8. Deadman Wonderland (MA 15+)


It's set almost entirely in a prison, so there are two things to realise about Deadman Wonderland. The first, is that if changing scenery in an anime is important to you, you will not enjoy Deadman Wonderland. The other is that it really does have some pretty heavy adult themes and some strong language littered throughout. Save for Ganta, who has been framed for the brutal slaughter of his classmates, those within the prison are there because they did terrible things so the occassional swear or maiming of someone else isn't below them.

To give you an idea of how gore filled this anime is, when an anime is especially bloody, they will often cover the blood with 'shadows'. There are entire scenes which could fool you into thinking your screen is off because it's nothing but shadows.

Gore rating: 8 out of 10 vials of the red stuff.

9. Shiki

No Halloween/gore/general anime list is complete without Shiki.

New people move to small village, villagers start to get sick and die. Whatever could be going on? Probably not vampires though because those don't even exist.

Gore rating: 6 out of 10 vials of the red stuff.

10 out of 10 “branches” tapping on your windows though. Seriously, it made me afraid. IT WAS AWESOME!


10. Gangsta (MA 15+)


If you're not looking for anime with supernatural themes, then Gangsta may be just what you need in your life.

It follows the story of the "handymen" who do the things that the police cannot. Without giving too much away, they don't settle disputes because they're super good at negotiation and diplomacy.

The style of animation is closer to comic books than most anime you'll come across. It's also got adult themes and explicit language that go hand in hand with a gangster theme, so be warned!

Gore rating: 5 out of 10 vials of the red stuff. 


11. Highschool of the Dead (MA 15+)


This wouldn't be a list of gory anime, without Highschool of the Dead. It's actually not one of my favourites because the gore for me is a little too much. I know, that sounds strange, but we all have our little quirks.

Still, if you love over the top blood spurts, gritting teeth and angst, this anime will not disappoint you.

Gore rating: 10 overflowing vials of the red stuff.


11.Tokyo Ghoul (MA 15+)


Yeah, I added Tokyo Ghoul to ANOTHER one of my lists... Wanna fight about it?! (Please let's not fight about it, I cry easily).

This is the thinking gore fan's anime. There's just enough soul searching in there for the gore to not just be for the heck of it. But be warned, there are some truly uncomfortable and disturbing scenes within Tokyo Ghoul.

Gore rating: 9 and three quarters out of 10 vials of the red stuff.

12. Attack On Titan (MA 15+)

I'm not sure if you've heard about this anime, but it's about the day the world changed for humanity. It's a seriously disturbing anime. But not as disturbing as that time in the anime when Mikasa ate an apple.

I still wake up in a cold sweat.

Gore rating: 9 out of 10 vials of the red stuff.


13. Blood C (MA 15+)


I know this series of the Blood franchise has it's detractors and I understand why. But I'm really taken with it because of the reasons other seem to not be fans. It begins like a Slice of Life style anime (Slice of Life= Every day life, the birds are singing, the bees are humming, no one is trying to bite my face off). Oh how quickly that all changes! It begins like a bright, dew filled morning and by the end it's midnight, with a blood moon and beasts scratching at your door. It's poetry....all written in red ink.

Gore rating: 9 out of 10 vials of the red stuff.

There's 13 gory anime to get you started for Halloween festitivies, but I could go on and on! Tell me your fave gory anime!

<3 Kitty Em

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