After a week in the Army, Donghae writes to fans.
28 Oct 2015 - 12:41 PM  UPDATED 28 Oct 2015 - 12:47 PM

A week after he was conscripted, Super Junior’s Donghae has written a love letter for fans.

In the letter addressed to “ELF,” Donghae poured his heart out about his love and appreciation for all Super Junior fans. This is what the letter said:


Dear ELF. It’s trainee soldier Donghae, currently serving the nation.

You’ve always been by our side and although it’s only been a short while since I’ve been away, I miss you all so much. 

I miss the stage and I miss the members and of course, ELF. I was conscripted on Oct.15 – my birthday—and it’s already Oct.21. On my conscription day, there were so many ELF in attendance, wishing me well. It was painful to see you cry and I hope that time will fly on by so that I can be by your side again.

I’m making good use of all the soldier essentials (gifts) that the ELF have sent me. Emails also come daily and I am so thankful as I read them all. Whenever it gets tough in here I read them again and again, and draw my strength.

I know I used to say ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’ to ELF often, but in here those words come to mean so much more. I wish I could have said those words more often when I could. When we meet again, let’s be more expressive and say those words to one another.

So far Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk and I are in the military. Siwon will soon follow and we promise to return to you as worthy men.

ELF, please keep loving the members that are with you. Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunkyuk, Siwon, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun, I love you all. ELF I love you with all my heart. Look after yourself.

Source: Star News

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