What better way of getting into the spirit of the spooky season than by scaring Asian celebs?
30 Oct 2015 - 11:26 AM  UPDATED 30 Oct 2015 - 11:26 AM

Whilst “Happy Halloween” is not so happy for some and can result in frayed nerves and/or pooped pants, it’s also a fun time to dress up and play pranks on unsuspecting idols.

Especially in haunted houses...MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

Check out some of their hilarious reactions below.

1.    Poor Daesung loses his wits, even taking Hyori down with him in his panic.

Lucky he has the arms of his BIGBANG members to run into for comfort the next time around.

2.    Luhan practices his Oscar-worthy horror movie screams.  

And just when he thinks it’s over…

How fitting that his newest Chinese movie called “The Witness” - which is a little on the creepy side - has just been released in cinemas today.  

3.    Key beats IU in the high octave stakes with a newfound piercingly high soprano voice he developed while screaming in fear. I wonder how he survived filming SHINee’s music video for ‘Married to the Music'?

4.    Arashi’s Aiba runs for his life to escape the house of horrors and collapses to the ground drenched in sweat.

5.    BTS’s resident scaredy-cat J-Hope freaks out when he sees a grotesque animation pop up on his laptop. Unfortunately he also injures his shin in his hasty getaway - ouch!

6.    Girls Generation practically fall out of their chairs in fright when an unexpected ghost shows up. Yuri’s reaction is priceless.  

No G-Dragon, stop trying to scare us like that. You’re just too cute!

Watch the PopAsia team daring to take on the Halloween haunted house challenge fully armed with their…BIGBANG glowsticks? Guess who survives!

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