Move over human actresses, we now have androids to do the job.
5 Nov 2015 - 6:47 PM  UPDATED 5 Nov 2015 - 6:47 PM

When Tokyo International Film Festival took place last month, there was a lot of attention given to one of the lineups, “Sayonara.”

The film written and directed by local director Koji Fukuda, garnered attention for not only having a foreigner as a lead, but due to another lead being, erm, not human.

Alongside American actress Bryely Long who plays a woman living the Japanese countryside, is Leona a helper android. Move aside CGI, because Leona is actually a robot, or an android, created by Japanese roboticist, Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro at Osaka University.

Leona is a Geminoid F and whatever she is made of, she managed to steal the limelight for being the first android to be a leading lady.  International media paid attention at this unusual choice and we are wondering if this is just the beginning! Afterall, Geminoids probably don’t have diva moments, unless they are programmed to ><  

Watch the trailer. 


Here's an informative video about Geminoid F!

Source: The Telegraph 

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