Heidi Yeh says that the meme that went viral has ruined her life.
10 Nov 2015 - 7:24 PM  UPDATED 10 Nov 2015 - 7:27 PM

Model Heidi Yeh has an extensive portfolio of work, but the one picture that most netizens remember her from is the meme about plastic surgery. 

While it would have been a laugh for most, Yeh has come out to say that because of this little joke that went viral, she can no longer get jobs.

People refuse to believe that I never got plastic surgery, “said Yeh who said she’s also had a tough time from the emotional trauma. 

The original ad was for a Taiwanese cosmetic surgery clinic and came with the caption, “the only thing you’ll ever have to worry about is how to explain it to the kids.”

That was all the ammunition that the internet needed. “People actually believed it, and thought this happened to me. Apparently even family members asked Yeh if it was true.


Source: BBC 

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