FT Island's front man steps out on his own.
18 Nov 2015 - 7:59 PM  UPDATED 18 Nov 2015 - 7:59 PM

With the release of his new single “Insensible,” FT Island’s front man stepped out on his own with a music video featuring actress Park Shinhye.

While promoting his new song at a showcase, Honggi said that the two entertainers couldn’t keep a straight face when they shot the kiss scene.

“Initially, she was supposed to kiss me on the cheeks, but she said no because she’d be forever made fun of.

“So I ended up kissing her and we laughed so much.”

Apparently the music video also has two interpretations.

“One is that I cheated on Park Shinhye’s character and she gets sad, or it could be that she has serious trust issues and I am the victim.”

Either way, Honggi said made sense in its own way.  Of course, the two go way back, all the way to the 2009 drama “You’re Beautiful.” It’s such a treat to see the pair reunited on the screen.

Watch the video to decide which interpretation you agree with.


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