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He's an idol, but he's also a boy. Aron talks about Star Wars and the animals in his band member.
22 Nov 2015 - 8:01 AM  UPDATED 22 Nov 2015 - 12:01 PM

It seems Aron is not immune to the Star Wars buzz. So will he be lining up to buy tickets for the movie next month?

What has Aron and NU'EST been up to?

  • The new Japanese album released! It's the boys' first full-lenth Japanese album
  • Aron talks us through all the songs on their new Japanese album
  • NU'EST  was #4 on Oricon daily charts, #1 on Tower Records Kpop Albums chart! Partayy!
  • Fan question: What candy does he despise? Hmm... interesting answer
  • Fan question: Could Aron be friends with fans?  
  • Fan question: Who is Aron's inspiration?  Get ready to "Awwwwww"
  • Fav thing to do in the summer?  
  • Members of NU’EST as animals – what would they be?  


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