Hani reveals all on MBC's "Radio Star"
14 Jan 2016 - 2:57 PM  UPDATED 14 Jan 2016 - 2:57 PM

The TV appearance that got everyone talking has finally aired. On January 13, MBC aired the episode of "Radio Star" where EXID's Hani talked about her boyfriend, acknowledging the relationship publicly for the first time.

The bubbly singer appeared a lot more nervous than normal, prompting the hosts to make fun of her, although still remaining protective of the young star. 



After the show, Korean viewers raved about Hani's treatment of the whole topic. Many were impressed that she was so candid while remaining so respectful of her boyfriend Junsu.

The highlight of the interview was when Hani said that she liked Junsu because "he had the most vibrant energy out of everyone I know." Awwwww. 

She also added that she respected Junsu a lot and was consoled by him through stressful times last year.

Source: Ilgan Sports 

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