Hyunseung finally opens up about his attitude of late.
24 Feb 2016 - 1:32 PM  UPDATED 24 Feb 2016 - 1:32 PM

Rumour has been flying for some time now that BEAST’s Hyunseung may want out of the band. The talk has been evidenced by moments captured both on and off stage where Hyunseung looks genuinely uninterested.

Some fans have defended him while others have come out to say that even as a supporter of the band, that Hyunseung needs to change his ways.  After a fan meet in Japan just days ago where Yong Junhyung was absent, Hyunseung controversy was spotlighted once more and Cube Entertainment, as well as Hyuseung finally addressed this issue.

Firstly, on Cube’s website the agency said the following: 

We give you an official response to the Hyuseung controversy.

Hyunseung has seen (the proof) and taken responsibility for all the problems that have been pointed out. 

He takes full responsibility for his own actions and is taking some time to reflect on his wrongdoings.  We’ll do our best to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen in the future.

We sincerely offer our apologies once again.


Meanwhile on a fan blog, Hyuseung said the following: 

Hello, I’m sorry to have worried the fans with such bad news of late. There are no excuses and it’s all due to my carelessness. I’m sincerely sorry and am reflecting on what I’ve done. I wanted to pluck up the courage to express my regret for the sake of those who love Beast and me. 


The controversy dates back to last year when Hyuseung missed a fan meet and was spotted hanging out at a café with a female companion. 

From singing in a lower key than everyone else to just standing still, refusing to participate with the group, playing with his phone and at one point (6:25), referring to the cafe moment, Hyungseung said it was "memorable" and that he also had a "private life," without giving any reasons for meeting the fan meet.

These are some of the moments that Hyunseung acted up. 


After watching the video, many have commented that it may not be an attitude problem, but something deeper to do with Hyuseung’s mind.

Source: TV Report 

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