Mrs. GREEN APPLE's Radio Show on SBS PopAsia!
3 Mar 2016 - 1:34 PM  UPDATED 3 Mar 2016 - 8:01 PM

Here's the transcript to Mrs. GREEN APPLE's Radio Special! 


Hello, SBS PopAsia!  We’re Mrs. Green Apple.  My name is Motoki Omori and I play vocal and guitar.

My name is Hiroto Wakai and I play guitar.

My name is Ryoka Fujisawa and I play keyboards.

My name is Ayaka Yamanaka and I play drums.

My name is Kiyokazu Takano and I play bass.

Today we’ll play all the tracks from our album for you.  We’re going to talk about every and each one of the songs. (ALL: Yay!)  We’re also going to answer your questions.  With #SBSPPopAsiaMrsGreenApple, tweet your question and send it out to us. Don’t worry, you can tweet in English, your question will be translated.  Now we’re going to play the first track of our album.  It’s titled Aijo to Hokosaki (Literally, Love and its Target).  How have this track come out, our leader, Wakai?

Well… It’s a sort of song that makes you happy, listening to it.  It’s come out to be a very cheerful sound, a lot of fun.

That’s for sure.  Ryo, anything to add?

The lyrics say that you’re the only person that can understand your dreams and feelings.  The message is that it’s important to give yourself a supportive push.

Believe in yourself!  The song has a very positive message.  Please listen to Aijo and Hokosaki by Mrs. Green Apple.


You’re listening to SBS PopAsia.  It’s Mrs. Green Apple special, today.  We’re very happy to be able to introduce to you, Australian audience, our album Twelve.

Yes!  Happy!  I’m happy.

I guess many of you haven’t heard of Mrs Green Apple.  We’d better tell about how we formed the band and who the members are.  Wakai is our leader,  will you?

Yes.  At first, our vocalist Motoki Omori were singing and playing the guitar alone.  I, Hiroto Wakai, joined him, playing the guitar.  We’d known each other since our junior high school days.  We were the core members when Mrs. Green Apple was first formed.  Then,  Ryo, bass player Kiyokazu Takano and drummer Ayaka Yamanaka and they joined us after introduced by friends.

That’s how we came together. We aren’t even the same age. I, Omori, and guitarist Wakai will turn 20 this year.  We’re still 19.  The oldest member is Takano, who’s 25.

I’m 24.  I’m still 24. 

He’ll turn 25 this year.  He’s till 24.  Among the members, there’s  an age difference of five years.  That makes our band unusual, too.  Now, let’s play the next tracks.  The first is Speaking, which has been also issued as a single, followed by Public.  Explain the two songs, Takano.

Okay.  Speaking’s message is that it’s important to talk to one another looking in the eye.  Sound-wise, it’s sort of synth sound.  It’s like dance music, with synth sound flying about.  Its concept is fusion between synth sound and band sound.  I hope the audience will listen to it with that in mind.

Tell us about Public, Ryo.

Public is about what’s important as being a person.  It’s about the essential values.  Sound-wise, it’s totally different from Speaking.  This song is more straightforward band sound.

Shall we play the tracks now?  The first is Mrs. Green Apple’s Speaking, followed by Public.  We hope you’ll enjoy!


We are Mrs. Green Apple!  I’m the band’s bass player, Kiyokazu Takano.  Today we’re introducing to you our album Twelve on SBS PopAsia. (All cheer) Now we’re going to answer to the questions you’ve sent us.  The first question is from Maz (?) ; Why Green Apple? Have you thought about any other fruit for your band’s name?  How did we end up with Green Apple, Ryo?

Okay.  A green apple is something very youthful and fresh, right?  We named our band after that as we were determined to work hard, keeping our initial fresh enthusiasm.  Did we discuss any other fruits? 

It’s not a fruit but watercress was one of the suggestions.

Yes, it was.

We could’ve been Mrs. Watercress.

Back to the album.  We’re going to play two tracks, Ao (Indigo blue) and Kikori-dokei (Lumberjack Clock) next.  Tell us about Ao, Ayaka.

It’s out-and-out rock, isn’t it, Ayaka?

Yes, it is.  The song was among the tracks in our old self-produced CD titled Introduction.  It’s not an exaggeration to say that we completely remade it by putting our techniques into it as best as we could.

Technically, we worked very hard, didn’t we?  Of all in the album, this track is the coolest.

And what’s Kikori-dokei like, Wakai?

Sound-wise, it’s fun like a toy box.  But the lyrics are philosophical.  At first, it sounds too hard to understand.  But before you know it, you get a message, which is different depending on the individual.

Listen to Mrs. Green Apple’s Ao, followed by Kikori-dokei.


We are Mrs. Green Apple!

We’re very happy to be able to introduce to you listeners our album  Twelve.  Are you enjoying it?  SBS PopAsia is a radio program in Australia.  Have any of us been to Australia?


No one?  What comes to your mind when you hear the word Australia?

The Great Barrier Reef.

Oh, beautiful sea.

And Ayer’s Rock, too?  The giant rock.

Nature!  Great nature!

I haven’t been there but I’ve seen Australia in photos and on TV.  It has not only beautiful cities but also great nature.

Sydney is, for example, like a new (rare?) world!

It’s really a beautiful place.

We want to go there, don’t we?


Now let me introduce the next tracks, Watashi (Me), Number Seven and Misukasazu (meaning unclear, Without Seeing Through?).

Let’s hear what you have to say about Watashi, Ryo.

Watashi is a ballad.  This is the first time we Green Apple worked on a piano ballad.  By adopting different sorts of expressions that we’ve never tried, the song brings out deepest feelings that we have.

Explain Number Seven, Ayaka.

This song sounds exhilarating and cheerful.  But the lyrics asks you what’s important.  The last half develops into sort of a traditional Japanese ondo folk music, with some taiko (Japanese drum) sounds.  We hope you’ll find the modulation intriguing.

You played taiko.

Yes, I did.

The third song is Misukazazu.  Can I talk about it?  It has some billowing (swelling/undulating) uncomfortable sounds, actually, especially on the bass.  I played the bass with special attention to the groove, the sense of groove(?).  Please listen to Mrs. Green Apple’s Watashi, Number Seven and Misukasazu.


We’re Mrs. Green Apple.  Next, we’re going to answer the second question sent on Tweeter.  It’s from Haggis McHaggis.  Which artist or group would you like to go a tour with?

Which artist? It’s a tough question.  But I’d say someone that we can have a good time together not only when we’re performing but also on the road and on days off between shows.  Someone like that would make our life easy. (All laugh)

It’s a pop kind of band that we’d like to go on tour with.  Now, back to the album.  This time, we’re going to play Simple and Hug.  Tell us about Simple, Wakai?

Simple’s message is exactly what the title says;  Worries and emotions troubling you are in fact much simpler than you think.  Sound-wise, it has band(?) sound with many different instruments thrown in.  It’s a challenging experimental song.  Next is Hug.  Before the track starts, there is an interlude.  What’s the reason for inserting the interlude, Omori?

Well, the interlude is…  This is a full album, you know.  A full album has 12 or 13 tracks.  We believe it’s important to create an album as one whole thing.  We hoped that the interlude would make Hug sound different and give a little bit of kick when the whole album is played.

Okay, please have a listen to the two tracks, Simple and Hug by Mrs. Green Apple.

Please enjoy!


You are on SBS PopAsia.  We are Mrs. Green Apple.

Today, we’ve been playing our album, Twelve on SBS PopAsia.  Next, we want to tell the listeners what’s coming up.  Ryo, will you?

We, Mrs. Green Apple, are on a national tour at the moment. 

A national tour in Japan.  We have a show at 14 cities.  We’re in the middle of the tour.   It’s a tour to promote Twelve.  How does it feel, guys? 

Good!  Not bad at all.

We, Mrs. Green Apple, are given a lot of opportunities (in coming spring?) to appear in a festival in Japan.

We want to come to Australia and have a success there, too.

We really want to come to Australia.

We have this dream.  So give us your support.  We’ll be grateful if you would.

Now we have only two tracks left to play, sadly.  Next song is titled Hello.  What’s it like, Ryo?

Hello is a delightful rock song.  We’ve been playing it in our shows since when we first formed the band.  It’s really great to be able to include it in the album. 

It really is.

I want to draw your attention to the lyrics, too.

Here we go, Mrs. Green Apple’s Hello


This is Mrs Green Apple on SBS PopAsia!  It’s time to say good-bye.  I’m the band’s vocalist Motoki Omori.  Unfortunately time has come to say good-bye. 

It’s already!  Before we knew it!

Before we go, by the way, what do you guys feel about our band having fans in Australia?

I’m so grateful!

I’m really happy!

We’re working incredibly hard in Japan, which is as much as we can at the moment.  But it’s so encouraging to know that some people overseas are paying attention to us.

It’s like a dream!  Who will I ask to say a message from us to the listeners?  The leader?  Give a good one, will you?  Go ahead, please.

We’re working very hard in Japan now.  We’ll work even harder so that one day we’ll be able to bring our shows to Australia.  We’ll very much appreciate your support.

Thank you!

And we hope you’ll come to Japan to see us.

Absolutely!  Come on, come on.  Our album Twelve is being distributed to Australia, too.  Please check it out.  That’s all from Mrs. Green Apple.  Thank you and good-bye!




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